Monday, 13 June 2016


Milk peda is one of the most famous Indian sweets. When I searched its recipe I could find many easy recipes using milk powder and condensed milk. Since I did not have condensed milk on hand I decided to try this version. The ingredients for this recipe is really simple and are easily available in every kitchen. The two essentials for this recipe are time and patience (many of us including me lacks those two J) but the end result totally worth of all the efforts. This is a foolproof recipe when you can put a little time and patience…hope everyone will give a try.


1.    Milk- 1litre
2.    Sugar-1/2 cup
3.    Curd- 4 tbsp
4.    Cardamom powder- ½ tsp
5.    Any nuts- a few(optional)

Method of preparation

1.    Take a thick bottomed vessel. Heat milk. Once it comes to boil, add sugar and cardamom powder.
2.    Reduce the flame to medium and keep stirring the milk. Once the milk reduced to half (it may take nearly 20 minutes) add curd.
3.    Now the milk starts to curdle. Keep on stirring until the entire water content evaporates and the mix thickened enough .Turn off the gas. Let this cool a bit.
4.    Grind this mix in a mixer grinder into smooth paste.
5.    Grease your hands. Shape the peda mix into balls or any desired shapes. If you want, you can keep few nuts on the top and serve.

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