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Thalassery is a famous place of Northern Kerala.Thalassery biriyani is known for its unique taste and preparation.The main differences I noticed is  that the cooking of masala involves large number of tomatoes and it does not involve the time consuming process of sautéing of onions. Here onions are deep fried and lastly added into the masala. It gives the meat the wonderful brownish fried look and taste even without adding a drop of oil. Also the Authentic recipe uses special rice variety called ‘jeerakashla or kaima rice’, which is a small grain rice with a wonderful aroma.(bur here I have used basmati).
This recipe is Shared by our Kannur friend Shinoj ,he claims he makes the best thalassery biriyani :).Here goes the recipe….


1.      Rice-4cups
2.      Chicken- 1 kg,cut into medium sized pieces
3.      Onion-4nos,( big) thinly sliced
4.      Green chilly-7big,crushed or 5 tbsp crushed
5.      Ginger-2 ½ tbsp,crushed
6.      Garlic-2 ½  tbsp,crushed
7.      Tomatoe-5nos,medium sized, thinly sliced
8.      Biriyani masala-1tbsp
9.      Lemon juice-2tbsp
10.  All spices-cardomom-8nos,cinnamon stick-2nos,star anise-1no,cloves-10nos
11.  Ghee-1/4cup+1tbsp
12.  Oil-1/4 cup
13.  Salt
14.  Coriander leaves and ,mint leaves-one handful each+ few for layering
15.  Cashew and kismiss-2 tbsp each
16.  Rose water-1/2 tsp
17.  Water-7 cups(see notes)

Method of preparation

1.      Heat a tbsp of ghee in a deep bottomed vessel.saute all spices .when the aroma comes add mentioned  amount of water,rosewater and salt.Let it boil.add rice in and cook until the water dries up completely.
2.      Heat ghee and oil together in a pan.fry kismiss and cashew till golden brown.Keep it aside.fry the sliced onions in the same pan till brown.(take care not to burn the onions).Fry onions in three batches. Reserve a handful of fried onions for layering.
3.      Cook tomatoes in another pan without adding any water or oil till mushy.add the crushed green chilly ,ginger and garlic  into this and sauté until aroma comes.  Add biriyani masala.stir for 2minutes.Now add the fried onions and salt.Stir well. Lastly add the chicken and mix well to coat well with the masala.Close the pan.Let it cook for 20 miutes.You don’t need to add any water. When the chicken is fully cooked add a tbsp of lemon juice and give a nice stir.This is the masala.
4.      How to do dum-layer the bottom of the pan with one batch of  chicken masala.Spread rice on the top .Sprinkle few coriander leaves,fried onions,cashew kismiss ,few fried onions ,a tbsp of melted ghee and a tsp of lemon juice.Repeat the process until the rice and the masala is finished.. the top layer should be rice. Add plenty of cashew nuts,kismiss anf fried onions.
5.      Click here to know how to  do dum
Serve with raitha,pickle and pappad

Notes: Rice can be cooked in two ways:One I already this method you have to be accurate in the amount of water to be added.If water is more rice would become mushy .
Other method is draining method-  Cook rice by adding plenty of water (around 12 cups of water).when the rice is ¾ done transfer it into a strainer and drain the water completely.


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