Monday, 3 September 2012


Still in the hangover of pachadi,kichadi,sambar, aviyal and all…then let’s get out of it by this ‘nadan curry’:-).i  dedicate this to all meat lovers in Kerala.

1.      Beef-1kg cut into small pieces
2.      Onion-2 large ,sliced
3.      Ginger- 2tbsp julienned
4.      Garlic-2tbsp,cut lengthwise
5.      Greenchilly-3 or 4 slitted
6.      Turmeric powder-1tsp
7.      Chilly powder-3tsp
8.      Coriander powder-8tsp
9.      Garam masala-2tsp
10.  Pepper powder-1 ½ tsp
11.  Salt
12.  Water-1/2 cup
For tempering
1.      Pearl onions-8 no cut into thin round slices
2.      Curry leaves-a handful
3.      Mustard seeds-3/4 tsp
4.      Coconut oil-3tbsp

Method of preparation
1.      Heat a pan, reduce the flame add all the powders(ingredients 6-10),stir continuously for 3min or till the raw smell disappears and the powders changes its colour.take care not to burn the powders.
2.      Take a pressure cooker, firstly add beef,then add ingredients 2 -5,lastly add powders and salt ,mix well with your hands so that all ingredients coat well with the meat. Add water and cook till it is done.
3.      Heat oil in a pan, splutter mustard seeds, when they pop up add sliced pearl onions and curry leaves. when the onion turns brown add cooked beef along with the gravy. Cook in high flame till the gravy dries up. then reduce the flame,stir in between and cook until it get well roasted. Serve with rice,chappathi ,porotta,appam…

Notes: To heat the powders it is better to use a nonstick pan. If you are using a normal pan, heat the pan , switch off the flame then add all the powders or else the powders tend to burn in high heat. If you want you can substitute all this powders with about 5 tbsp of readymade meat masala,then no need to heat , directly you can add into the meat and carry on with the remaining steps. Sometimes I do with readymade powders but I feel it lacks the authentic flavor.
 sliced onion,ginger and garlic and chilly

 marinated beef
                         cooked beef
                                tempering process
                                        pearl onion turned brown
                                        cooked beef is added ..
                                          ready to be served


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