Friday, 17 August 2012


1.      Bread slices-6 pieces
2.      Mushroom-100gm
3.      Onion-1/2 of 1
4.      Garlic -4pods
5.      Butter-2tbsp
6.      Maida-2tbsp
7.      Milk-3/4 cup
8.      Pepper powder-1/4 tsp
9.      Salt
10.  water
Method of preparation
For the filling.
1.      cut mushroom into medium sized pieces,cook in ½ cup of water and some salt.
2.      Heat a pan.melt butter,add maida sauté well (don’t let it change the colour).add milk, stir continuously without forming any lumps. When it reaches required consistency swith off the flame , add pepper powder mix well, keep it aside.this is the white sauce.
3.      In another pan heat some oil / butter.add garlic and onions by adding little salt .cook till onion becomes soft.into this add mushrooms along with the stock.
4.      Now add the white sauce.mix well.switch off the flame.our filling is ready.
5.      Take two bread slices,spread this filling on one side and cover it with another slice.
6.      Smear some butter over the top of both slices .toast this on a heated tawa. Repeat the same with other slices.

Notes; if you are using unsalted butter add some salt while making white sauce.white sauce can be made thick or thin by adjusting the quantity of milk.for this filling thick or medium thick sauce is preferred .
                               STEP 2 COOK MUSHROOMS
                            STEP 3 COOK ONION AND GARLIC
                            STEP 4 PREPARE WHITE SAUCE
                                 STEP 5 MIX WELL WITH COOKED MUSHROOMS AND ONION
                                            STEP 6 MAKE SANDWICH

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