Monday, 13 August 2012



1.      Chicken(cut in to medium sized pieces)-250gm
2.      Carrot(roughly cut)-1 no
3.      Celery chopped-1tbsp
4.      Maida-2tbsp
5.      Plain noodles-1/2 of 1 block
6.      Butter-3tbsp
7.      Water-4 cups
8.      Salt
Method of preparation
1.      Pressure cook ingredients 1,2 n 3 with  4 cups of water n salt
2.      When it is cooked,remove from fire,  separate the stock from veggies n chicken pieces using a strainer.
3.      Separate chicken from its bone and keep it aside
4.      Melt butter in a pan,add in maida , sauté well .remove from fire and mix this with ¼ cup of stock.add this into the soup, mix well.boil for 5 min.
5.      Now add the shredded chicken  .
6.      Cook noodles with1/2 tsp of salt .strain it , wash with cold water.transfer this into soup.switch off the flame.serve hot..

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